[RIGHT: photo credit - Betty Shin Binon]


Michelle opened Kimchi Korea House in September 2012 in downtown Toronto, with her nephew Jin helming the kitchen as Chef. 

As she was growing up in the rural mountains of Sunchang county in the Jeolla province of South Korea, Michelle learned how to make kimchi and other Korean recipes from her mother. When she first immigrated to Canada in the 1980's, good Korean restaurants were hard to find... finding good kimchi was even harder! After working in restaurants and the hospitality industry for over three decades, Michelle and Jin were committed to creating a space where they could share Korean comfort foods close to their hearts with others. 

Korean food IS comfort food... it is so much more than just "orange and spicy" or "BBQ meat". Korean food is vibrant, joyous and deeply satisfying. Whether you're sweating over a bowl of spicy pork bone soup or sharing a bottle of soju while eating a seafood pancake with friends, Kimchi Korea House is the space to discover how Korean food can change your life. 

We can't wait to have you join us in our dining room one day.